Compiler.php 5

Type Line Description
TODO 685 Maybe this should return an empty string if pretty-option is on?
TODO 1172 I guess the variadic handling in calls is broken right now. Calls should splat with '...'
TODO 1487 Check for do-instruction via $node->prev()
TODO 1516 Check for while-node with $node->next()
TODO 1608 Attribute escaping seems pretty broken right now

Lexer.php 1

Type Line Description
TODO 1204 Avoid block parsing on <do>-loops

Parser\Node.php 1

Type Line Description
TODO 107 Maybe switch to privates above?

Parser.php 5

Type Line Description
TODO 492 Do this for a bunch of other elements as well, maybe all, maybe a centralized way?
TODO 869 ^ Why not?
TODO 869 Maybe this one could need a "createImport" method?
TODO 909 Are there other nodes that shouldn't have children?
TODO 939 Maybe multiple tags could combine with :? Would be ugly and senseless to write a(...)b tho